February, 2023

  • 8 February

    XLNet: Sophisticated Deep-Learning Language

    XLNet is a sophisticated deep-learning language model that was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and Google AI. It is a Transformer-based language model that is trained on a massive dataset of text and code. XLNet is able to learn bidirectional contexts, which means that it can look at the words before and after a given token to predict what it …

  • 3 February

    The significance to control importing the fresh fruits

    There are a number of reasons why countries may choose to control the importing of fresh fruits. Some of the most common reasons include: To protect domestic agriculture. Importing fresh fruits can sometimes lead to lower prices for consumers, which can hurt domestic farmers. By controlling imports, governments can help to protect domestic agriculture and ensure that farmers can make a …

January, 2023

  • 25 January

    What would your cat say about living at your house?

    If I were a cat living at your house, here’s what I might say: “Purrrfect! Living at this house is absolutely delightful. I have everything I could ever desire. The humans here provide me with a cozy and comfortable home, filled with warm spots to nap and hide when I want some alone time. The humans always keep my food …

October, 2022

  • 29 October

    Greta Thunberg: The Climate Activist and Her Impact

    Greta Thunberg is a 20-year-old Swedish environmental activist who has become a global symbol of the fight against climate change. She first gained attention in 2018 when she began skipping school to protest outside the Swedish parliament, demanding that her government take action on climate change. Her protests quickly went viral, and she soon became a leading voice in the …

  • 8 October

    Myanmar: Cycle of ‘human rights violations and abuses

    Myanmar: The Cycle of Human Rights Violations and Abuses Myanmar, also known as Burma, has long been plagued by a cycle of human rights violations and abuses, drawing global attention and concern. This article provides an overview of the ongoing human rights crisis in Myanmar, highlighting key factors contributing to the cycle of violations and the impact on the country’s …