List of 50 2013 horror films - Top Box Office Performance

List of Best 50 2013 horror films – Top Box Office Performance

Here’s a list of 50 2013 horror films

  1. The Conjuring: Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.
  2. Evil Dead: A group of friends unwittingly summon demonic forces while staying at a remote cabin, leading to a fight for survival.
  3. Insidious: Chapter 2: The Lambert family continues to confront supernatural entities as they uncover the secrets of their haunted past.
  4. Mama: Two young girls, rescued from the wilderness, are haunted by a maternal ghost known as “Mama” after their parents’ deaths.
  5. World War Z: Former UN investigator Gerry Lane races against time to stop a global zombie pandemic threatening humanity.
  6. The Purge: In a dystopian future, all crime is legal for one night annually. A family must survive the chaos when their home is invaded during the Purge.
  7. Warm Bodies: A zombie named “R” forms a bond with a human girl named Julie, sparking a transformation that could change the fate of the undead.
  8. Carrie: A bullied teenage girl discovers she has telekinetic powers and seeks revenge on her tormentors, including her abusive mother.
  9. You’re Next: A family gathering becomes a nightmare when masked assailants target them, but one guest reveals surprising skills for survival.
  10. The Last Exorcism Part II: Following the events of the first film, Nell tries to rebuild her life but finds herself once again targeted by demonic forces.
  11. Oculus: Siblings Kaylie and Tim confront a malevolent mirror responsible for their family’s tragedy, but the mirror’s influence proves deadly.
  12. The ABCs of Death: An anthology of 26 short films, each representing a letter of the alphabet and exploring different aspects of death.
  13. Texas Chainsaw 3D: A young woman inherits a house from a deceased relative, but she soon discovers a horrifying family secret.
  14. Curse of Chucky: The iconic killer doll Chucky returns to terrorize a family, revealing dark connections to their past.
  15. V/H/S/2 (also known as V/H/S 2): Another anthology of found-footage horror shorts, where investigators uncover sinister tapes with terrifying consequences.
  16. The Lords of Salem: A radio DJ in Salem, Massachusetts, becomes entangled in a dark conspiracy involving witchcraft and ancient curses.
  17. Dark Skies: A suburban family experiences disturbing events and realizes they are being targeted by malevolent extraterrestrial forces.
  18. The Banshee Chapter: A journalist investigates a government experiment involving mind-altering drugs and encounters terrifying supernatural entities.
  19. Hatchet III: The third installment in the slasher series follows Marybeth as she seeks to end the reign of the deformed killer Victor Crowley once and for all.
  20. The Bay: Found-footage horror film depicting a small town’s descent into chaos as residents are infected by a deadly parasite in their water supply.
  21. R.I.P.D.: After dying in the line of duty, a police officer joins the Rest in Peace Department, where he teams up with a veteran detective to apprehend deceased criminals.
  22. Byzantium: Two immortal vampires, a mother and daughter, seek refuge in a seaside town while hiding from a malevolent vampire society.
  23. No One Lives: A ruthless criminal gang’s plans are disrupted when they kidnap a couple who prove to be more dangerous than they appear.
  24. We Are What We Are: Following the death of their father, a family of cannibals must continue their gruesome traditions while evading suspicion from the authorities.
  25. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: Siblings Hansel and Gretel grow up to become skilled bounty hunters, dedicated to exterminating witches.
  26. The Frankenstein Theory: A documentary filmmaker follows a professor who believes that the Frankenstein legend is based on true events.
  27. Hell Baby: A couple moves into a haunted house, only to discover they are expecting a demonic child.
  28. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: A teenage girl discovers she is part of a secret world of Shadowhunters, warriors who battle demons.
  29. Antisocial: A college student’s New Year’s Eve party is interrupted by a social media virus that turns attendees into violent maniacs.
  30. Evidence: Detectives investigate a massacre at an abandoned gas station by piecing together video footage found at the scene.
  31. Maniac: A mentally disturbed mannequin restorer becomes obsessed with a photographer, leading to a spree of brutal murders.
  32. Frankenstein’s Army: During World War II, Russian soldiers encounter a mad scientist who creates monstrous cyborgs for the Nazi army.
  33. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane: A group of high school students invites the mysterious Mandy Lane to a weekend getaway, but the festivities turn deadly.
  34. Stoker: After her father’s death, a teenage girl forms an unsettling bond with her enigmatic uncle.
  35. Odd Thomas: A young man with the ability to see ghosts encounters a sinister conspiracy while trying to prevent a mass tragedy.
  36. Scenic Route: Stranded in the desert, two friends’ friendship is tested as they confront their past and face desperate measures to survive.
  37. Haunter: A girl trapped in a time loop relives the day of her death and discovers sinister secrets about her family and home.
  38. Dark Touch: A young girl with telekinetic powers survives a horrific massacre and seeks refuge with a caring couple, but her abilities unleash chaos.
  39. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia: A family moves into a new home in Georgia, where they encounter paranormal activity connected to the Underground Railroad.
  40. Contracted: A young woman contracts a mysterious virus after a one-night stand, leading to disturbing physical and psychological changes.
  41. The Conspiracy: Two filmmakers investigate a secret society, but their pursuit of truth leads them into a perilous web of conspiracy theories.
  42. Aftershock: A group of tourists in Chile must survive a devastating earthquake and its violent aftermath.
  43. The Last Days on Mars: Astronauts on a Mars mission discover evidence of microbial life, but their excitement turns to terror as a deadly force begins to stalk them.
  44. Jug Face: A backwoods community sacrifices individuals to a pit deity, but a pregnant girl fights to escape her fate.
  45. Nothing Left to Fear: A family moves to a small town, only to find themselves targeted by a sinister cult with dark intentions.
  46. The ABCs of Death 2: Another anthology of 26 short films, each representing a letter of the alphabet and exploring various themes of death.
  47. 7500: Passengers aboard a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo encounter supernatural forces after the plane is hijacked by terrorists.
  48. Afflicted: Two friends documenting their travels are plagued by a mysterious illness that transforms one of them into a violent creature.
  49. The Returned: In a world where a cure has been found for the zombie virus, society grapples with the reintegration of formerly infected individuals.
  50. House of Good and Evil: A troubled couple moves to a remote farmhouse, only to uncover dark secrets and malevolent forces lurking within.

These films cover a wide range of horror subgenres and offer diverse experiences for fans of the genre.

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